How is Multiple Impulse Therapy applied?

The Doctor uses the small hand-held impulse computerized instrument to check the patients spine for fixations. A fixated joint is not moving within its normals limits, this will cause some type of symptoms to occur. Multiple Impulse Therapy (MIT) treatments are primarily applied to the fixated spinal joints and peripheral joints (such as shoulder, elbow, wrist and ankle) to establish normal joint movement using percussion.

Am I a Candidate for Multiple Impulse Therapy?

Clinical studies show that many patients with musculoskeletal complaints respond rapidly with Multiple Impulse Therapy treatments. For example, the results of a Multiple Impulse Therapy published study, indicated that MIT can do in 4 visits what tradition chiropractic can do in 24 visits. That is 6x’s faster results of the patients symptoms, the tradition chiropractic techniques have shown in published studies.
These studies do not allow us to make predictions for individual patients because patients may respond differently. Every spinal condition and patient is unique. That is why we treat every patient with there own unique treatment plan for their spinal problems.
For the average patient, Multiple Impulse Therapy appears to provide greater benefits more quickly, with fewer treatments, when compared to traditional chiropractic.

What common conditions have been successfully treated with Multiple Impulse Therapy?

Listed below are the 8 most common non-specific musculoskeletal complaints that have been documented as responding favorably to Multiple Impulse Therapy. They include:
1. Headache
2. Neck Pain
3. Shoulder Pain
4. Arm Pain
5. Back Pain
6. Sciatica
7. Plantar Fasciitis
8. Carpal Tunnel
At Collins Chiropractic Clinic we get favorable results with the symptoms listed above and serveral more that are not listed. We can not guarantee that every musculoskeletal complaint will respond. There are many things that can cause these conditions and sometimes it is a medical condition. If Dr. Collins determines that it is medical he will refer you to a medical specialist that he believes will correct your problem. The sophisticated computerized instrument that the Doctor uses will determine if you have a chiropractic or medical spinal condition.

How long will treatment take?

The first visit is usually the longest (45mins to 1 hour). During the initial visit, the clinician will perform a thorough patient workup including a patient history and screen for contraindications. Appropriate physical exams, consultation, X-rays and computerized analysis of your entire spinal column. All of this clinical work-up will help determine your primary diagnosis. Subsequent chiropractic visits will be around 10 to 15 minutes.

How often will treatment be necessary?

There is no way to determine how often and how many treatments are needed to correct your spinal problem. Even when two patients have the same condition, Dr, Collins has seen in his 24+ years of experience, that every patient response different. So what we do at Collins Chiropractic is use our unique, sophisticated and highly scientific equipment to determine your unique treatment plan for your spinal condition. Our goal at Collins Chiropractic is to correct your spinal condition as fast and effectively as possible.

Will Multiple Impulse Therapy work for me?

The research supports that the benefits and results of Multiple Impulse Therapy, is 6 times faster then tradition chiropractic. Dr. Collins is qualified to determine the best course of treatment for your condition, even if he needs to refer you to another Doctor to correct your problem.

Does my insurance cover Multiple Impulse Therapy?

We participate with Medicare, Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS), Blue Care Network (BCN), Health Alliance Plan (HAP), and Aetna. We still except all health insurances that have chiropractic coverage. Please contact your insurance company for information on chiropractic benefits. Patient will be responsible for any referrals needed and/or non covered benefits.